Common Myths That People Have About Home Inspections

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Myths That People Have About Home Inspections

There are various myths associated with home inspections. It is necessary that potential buyers and even sellers understand the whole truth behind these myths and know why home inspection is necessary before making the purchase decision and why it should be done by a professional and qualified home inspector only.

Here we will see what are the common beliefs and myths associated with home inspection service and look at the real reasons why home inspection is necessary:

  • If appraisal is been done, then home inspection is not necessary

There is difference between appraisal of the home and inspection of the home. Appraisal is done to get the estimated price of the home and sometimes defects are highlighted in the appraisal, but its basic purpose is to determine the value of the home. While, home inspection is about thoroughly inspecting the house for its defects from roof to floor and everything in-between. They check the structural, technical and mechanical condition of the home and report their findings to the client.
  • All the things found during inspection need to be fixed

The buyers, who get the home inspection done, believe that every single error or defect found in the inspection report must be fixed and taken care of by the seller. This is not true and the seller is not obliged to make any changes or repair anything unless it is mandatory as per the municipal code (or contract). However, if you are able to convince your seller to take care of major defects then it is good for you or you can ask him to renegotiate the price.

  • Anyone with experience in construction or real estate can do it
This is one of the most common myths related to home inspection. Many buyers think if they have a friend or relative who is into construction or real estate business then it is ok to get the home inspected by them. The fact is that they don’t have the qualification and proper tools to do the home inspection. And if there is a defect found then you will not be able to negotiate the price with the seller based upon the opinion of your friend. (

How to choose a Home Inspector in the phoenix metro area)

  • Not needed for new homes

If you believe that a new home does not need an inspection then you are wrong. Many times the Realtor or the buyers are not allowed to check the home while it is been constructed so you cannot know what quality of material is being used. Generally new homes give warranty for 1 year, so after you have bought the home you can get it inspected in that period and be satisfied with your investment decision. (How Long is an AZ builder responsible)


There are many myths in the mind of people when it comes to home inspection like many people think it is about the home passing or failing an inspection. The fact is the inspection is about, knowing the current condition of the home, and the inspector cannot decide if the home passes or fails the inspection.


Author of this article writes for a well known New Jersey Home Inspections Company. This company has been performing Quality Home Inspections Services for many years in New Jersey.

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  1. Great information! My husband and I were actually curious if a home inspection and appraisal were things we needed to do. I guess it would be a good idea just so we know if there are things that need to be fixed. But good to know that we don’t actually have to fix them 🙂 Thanks for the information!

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