Common AZ Home Inspection Defects

Sometimes when I perform a home inspection the buyers (and/or sellers) freak out over every little issue. AZ Home Inspector Finds open junction boxLets face it Homes are built by imperfect beings and almost all of them have some type of problem.

It is always a good idea to let the client know what to expect from the home inspector and report. Finding a house with absolutely no defects is rare; therefore, we have put together this list of common defects found during our Arizona Home inspections as a tool to inform clients of common deficiencies that may be found during the inspection.

Broken, cracked or misplaced roof tiles.
Plumbing vents installed improperly.
Roof valleys are full of debris.
Main isolation gate valve at plumbing service is inoperative.
Improper drainage or faulty grade around the foundation.
Plumbing cross connection at the sprinkler supply line.
Water stains, damage or rot under eaves.
Multiple wires connected to a single breaker in panel.
Vegetation or trees next to the foundation or wall.
Tree branches making contact with roof need to be trimmed.
Leaking hose bibs or no check valves at hose bibs.
GFCI outlets missing from or inoperative at required locations.
Garage door auto reverse not functioning properly
Openings in exterior wall, most common is at the refrigeration lines

Broken lift tubes on windows.
Debris in window tracks blocking weep holes
No air gap or high loop at the dishwasher.
No anti-tip brackets at the stove/range
Door latches/locks need repair or doors needing adjustment.
GFCI outlets missing from or inoperative at required locations.
Corrosion at connections above water heater and/or at the valve.
Loose toilet tanks or bowls needing repair.
Toilet flush valves leaking, (runs constantly)
Inoperative lights
Dirty Air Filters

This list is provided by ACSI American Construction Specialists and Investigations, LLC to assist with the inspection process. Many other defects may be found, however, just because a few of these items are found at your property during a home inspection does not mean that the entire house is sub-standard construction.
For more information, or to book an inspection call ACSI at 480-636-7400 or check out

This list may be copied and/or printed as long as ACSI is provided credit for creating the list.

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