Commercial Inspections

ACSI performs Commercial inspections as well as forensic work or trouble shooting on commercial properties.

Comercial Inspection

We have been hired by commercial builders and developers to assist them in diagnosing and identifying commercial inspection  issues.

We have been hired by owners to inspect properties they are considering purchasing as well as buildings under construction as both quality control and to assist them with their final walk through.

We have developed a reputation with builders and owners alike as being fair, impartial and assisted with developing repair protocols when issues are discovered.

Performing commercial inspections on buildings across Arizona

Since we are Licensed residential & commercial inspection specialists, we have the knowledge to not only identify the issues but to speak to the contractor in their own terms. We understand both sides of an issue and can frequently work like a mediator to assist in resolving conflicts.

If you are looking to purchase, trying to find leaks, developing a maintenance plan or having a new commercial building constructed, contact ACSI American Construction Specialists & Investigations to see how we can assist you with the process.

Commercial Inspection Within 72 Hours

We work all over Arizona and can typically serve the Phoenix Metro area for commercial inspections within 72 hours.

Ask about our thermal imaging inspections to find moisture, insulation and diagnose roofing issues.

Serving Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona and beyond.

Many times commercial property owners contact us with a wide variety of issues however many of them are frequently related to moisture and original construction. Sometimes the issue is a result of how the building is being used.

If you currently are in a commercial building and are having issues such as moisture, orders or cracking contact us to schedule a commercial inspection today 480-636-7400

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