Christmas is a Great Time for Crooks

Tis the Season to be Taken

You may not be thinking about criminals this Christmas season, but they’re thinking about you. The holidays present big opportunities for car prowlers, purse snatchers and other people that feel they deserve your belongings more than you do.

The most important thing while shopping is for people to pay attention to what’s around them, A few simple rules can go a long way.

Pay attention to what’s around you when going to your car after shopping and don’t leave packages visible.

Car prowlers will hang out in parking lots looking for people leaving purses and fresh purchases in their vehicles; they’ll also grab backpacks, iPads, or gym bags, and anything they can see.

The criminals aren’t just hanging out at the mall, they could be in front of your house.

They could be cruising your street.  I know three people who have had attempted break ins or theft in the last week.

If you’re shopping online, make a plan for someone to accept the delivered packages.  Some thieves follow around delivery trucks hoping for a score. If they grab a box and don’t care for the contents, they might trash it.

Make sure your home is well lit; crooks are also looking for people out shopping, at work or holiday parties so they can clear out what’s under the tree.

People use timers for their Christmas lights, maybe you should use a timer to turn on other lights or TV in the home while you are away.

Talk to your neighbors. Our neighbors all look out for each other, we will pick up the paper or turn lights on and off at each others homes when they go out of town for a day or too.

There are no guarantees that you will not encounter someone less than honest this holiday season, but hopefully, some of these tips can help you avoid any trouble.

Have a safe and happy holiday season this year.


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