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Home Inspections and Termite Inspections are Different.


Home Inspectors in AZ are supposed to look for damage, Termites can cause real damage to a home and in this area.
Because of the number of termite colonies per acre, the question is more of When will you have termites, not will you have them.

Home Inspectors work with the termite inspectors

I am not a pest control contractor and as a AZ Home Inspector I do not perform termite inspections during my inspections. However I see evidence of termites during my home inspections and will point it out to the termite inspector while I am on site. I also work with a pest control company in that I schedule them to perform their termite inspection during my home inspection. (I make no money from the termite inspection)

There is good news, the subterranean termites in this area are some of the slowest eating termites. That means it will take them longer to cause real damage but they still can cause damage.

There are some simple things you can do to help prevent termites and to look for them yourselves.

Take a walk around the home and look at the bottom of the wall. Look for small mud tubes that come from the soil up into the wall. Look in the garage and interior walls also.
If you see these mud tubes you can break them but if the termites are active, they will just build more.
When you are outside look at the grade or how high is the soil, If the soil is in contact with the siding you may want to move the soil a little.
Termites love wood but they are not as fond of block. (If you have a block wall the termites may be trying to come in elsewhere)
Do not store or install wood next to the foundation another thing you can do is keep moisture away from the foundation, our termites love moisture.
If you find evidence of termites, contact your licensed pest control company immediately.

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