Chandler Home Inspector

Hiring a Chandler Home Inspector may save you Money

If you are looking at buying a home in the south east valley then hiring a Chandler Home Inspector may be a wise decision.Old Adobe home, Photo by Chandler Home Inspector

Chandler has been called the new Scottsdale. There is a newly developed down town area with restaurants and shops as well as some older establishments as well.

Chandler has a lot of newer homes, but it also has some old homes. The bad news is New or Old, the homes can have real issues, That is why you need a Chandler Home Inspector

Chandler has a rich history and many of the buildings have been used for different purposes over the years. One building started off as a Chandler Home , then became a church, and is now a taco stand.

Chandler has a history of farming and people that are not afraid to work hard and do things themselves. That’s why you need a Chandler Home Inspector to perform your home inspection.

Chandler Home Inspector finds defects in homes.

Chandler has homes dating back to the early 1900s and many of these homes have had the electrical wiring repaired or patched several times over the years.

While the codes may have changed, these homes did not need to be brought up to the new building codes.Addition found by Chandler Home Inspector

Many of these homes started as 800 square feet Chandler Homes, then an addition was added, then another, permits were not normally obtained.

As a Chandler Home Inspector, I looked at one home and they had built an addition in front of the second floor windows.

These were old wood windows and the roof of the addition ran across the middle of the glass

In a different area I noticed Hard wood floors, but something didn’t seem right so I decided to tap on them and lightly probe them.

Imagine my surprise when my pliers went right through the wood floor. The floor had been installed directly on dirt.

 Newer Homes Need a Chandler Home Inspector as well.

I have seen newer homes with no insulation, leaking basement walls and roofs. As a Chandler Home Inspector I have seen homes built on unstable soils with large cracks in the walls a year or two after the home was built.

On one Chandler Home Inspection, I found all kinds of truss issues in the attic and then noticed all the homes in the subdivision had similar issues.

Don’t get me wrong, Chandler has some of the nicest homes in the valley, but you need a Chandler Home Inspector to help you determine if this is your dream home or a nightmare.

Please feel free to give us a call, if you are looking to purchase a home in Chandler or anywhere in the southeast valley, we offer a wide variety of Home Inspection Services. We would be glad to serve you.



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