Home Inspection Protection

Our 90 Day Home Inspection Protection Plan For Only $39.00… This Is Only Available At The Time Of Scheduling The First Home Inspection ACSI Is Proud to offer “The Home Inspection Protection Plan”. This plan allows the buyer to have a 2nd home inspection at NO ADDITIONAL COST on a similar sized/type of home within 90 […]

Wood Shingle Roof or kindling

I performed a home inspection on a Tempe home with a wood shingle or shake roof that was way beyond its useful life. I find these about once a month in Scottsdale but most of them in Tempe have been replaced   I honestly could not believe how bad this roof was. As a home […]

Scottsdale Home Inspections Always Interesting

Home Inspections in Scottsdale reveal strange things. As a home inspector that serves Scottsdale, I find many strange things, that invite questions. For example why bother painting the home if you are going to cover it with plants anyway? People do strange things like install speakers on the walls of decks above interior rooms, then […]

Phx Home Inspection on Money Pit

I performed a Phoenix Home Inspection on the money pit. I don’t make that comment lightly. I’ve been performing Home Inspections in Arizona for over 12 years and this is quite possible the worst home I have seen. This home was in a rural area not far from Scottsdale and had a detached workshop, 4 […]

GFCIs What are they & how to test

GFCI Info from your Scottsdale Home Inspector GFCIs  or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters have been around for years. and as a Scottsdale home Inspector, I test them. Most people do not pay attention to them until there is no power at an outlet, however these units fail on a regular basis, that is why they […]

Theft After the Home Inspection

Vacant homes get robbed I perform Home inspections in the Phoenix area and I am finding that parts of the home are being stolen before and after the inspection. Today I returned to a home I inspected in Chandler 10 days ago. When I did the first home inspection the gas was off, now it […]

Contagious Generosity 2011

See the update at the bottom There have been several times in our lives when we got knocked down and someone has given us a hand back up. We are trying to do the same and you can help. Let me introduce you to Clara Johnson and her 2 teenage daughters. Clara has been divorced […]

Your Home Changes Like the Weather- tip of the week

This weeks Home Inspector tip of the week is to remember it is cooler and some things need to change at your home. Reduce your Irrigation First of all remember to change the settings on your sprinkler and/or drip system. A little water can go a long way this time of year. Talk with a […]

AZ Home Inspector Numbers Climbing

New AZ Home Inspectors Are Here. The number of AZ home inspectors changes almost monthly. but usually by just a little. In Arizona Home Inspectors are regulated by the Board of Technical Registration (BTR). in 2003 when home inspectors were first required to be registered there were about 300 in the state. A few years […]

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans Tip of the week. I check the operation of ceiling fans during a Phoenix home inspection. But one thing I noticed is most people pay no attention to which direction the fan is spinning. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, ceiling fan users can bump up their thermostat by 4 degrees and […]

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