How to replace an Electrical Outlet.

 Short video from your Phoenix Home Inspector on how to replace an electrical outlet. This video is only for replacing an outlet for cosmetic reasons, if the outlet does not work or is damaged you should call an electrician. This video does not cover outlets that are switched or 1/2 hot. If you would like […]

Toolbox essentials from your Phoenix home inspector

Having the right tool for the job make the job easier and safer, I am surprised when we do home inspections how many people have little or no tools. There are certain tools every homeowner should own and if you plan to do DIY projects around your house then we recommend putting together a well […]

Baby Proofing your home tips

  Baby proofing your home can save a life. Here are some tips for doing just that. Here are some tips from your AZ Home Inspector It may be a good idea to do some, if not all of these things even if you do not have a baby in the home as friends or […]

Front Loading Washing Machines Tip of the Month.

 This months tip from your Phoenix Home Inspector Front-Load Washing Machines A common misconception about front-loading washing machines is that they all smell bad. With proper cleaning and maintenance this doesn’t have to be true. Here’s some quick tips for keep foul odors from developing. First, store a micro-fiber towel on top of your washer […]

Replace Window Screens Yourself

Need to replace damaged window screens? It’s really quite simple With a few tools and a little time you can do the replacement of the screen yourself. This short video will help you determine what you need and if you can do this. As a home inspector in Phoenix, I write up missing and damaged […]

Changing the filter in your Refrigerator, Tip from your AZ Home Inspector

Did your ice maker quit working on the refrigerator? Is the water dispenser on the door weak or broken, Maybe it is a dirty or clogged water filter.               This helpful video from your Phoenix home inspector will show you how to change the filter in most refrigerators.  

Removing Hard Water Deposits -Home Inspection Tip of the month

We have Hard Water and it likes to make a mess on our faucets and shower heads. Are you looking for tips on how to remove those hard water deposits? Here is a helpful video that should help you remove those deposits. If you try this and it doesn’t work you may want to try […]

Replacing Your toilet Flapper- Tip of the month

. Does your toilet run all the time or do you hear it start running by itself? Your Home Inspector tip of the month can help. Chances are your toilet Flapper is bad and needs to be replaced. On most toilets this is an easy task and our short video will help you complete this […]

Fun Household Tricks, Our Tip of the month

 This month we have several quick and easy tips to help you around the house. If you are painting or hanging a picture, you will love these household tricks. Tired of your wrapping paper unrolling? Hate getting paint in the rim of the can and making the lid stick? Have extension cords that unplug while […]

Flushing Your Water Heater, Phoenix Home Inspection tip of the month

Do you Flush Your Water Heater The water in the Phoenix area is very hard, therefore it is a good idea to flush your water heater on a regular basis to remove scale and debris from inside the tank. Here is a short video provided by your home inspector to help you perform this task. […]

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