Arizona Mortgage Lawsuit Scam

As a Phoenix Home Inspector, I hear a lot of the Real Estate News. Arizona Real Estate Commissioner, Judy Lowe just issued this fraud alert. Please be sure to pass this on to your friends, business associates and neighbors.  This type of scam may try to collect upfront fees for foreclosure assistance or offer the […]

Attics and Phoenix Home Inspections

Are Attics Required during Phoenix Home Inspections Phoenix Home inspectors are required to inspect attics, however not if it us unsafe to do so. It is Hot in the summer time and if it is 112 degrees in the shade the attic is likely somewhere around 145 degrees. Because of this, many inspectors choose to […]

Are Your Dollars Blowing away

Your Home Inspector Tip of the week Air Sealing As a home inspector in AZ, I see peoples money blowing out the door on a daily basis. People just do not maintain their homes like they used to. Here are some helpful tips fro your AZ Home Inspector to assist you with your home maintenance. […]

Vacant Home Thermostat Settings?

When performing home inspections in Phoenix I frequently look at vacant homes where the AC unit is off. This is not a great idea, let me explain why. If someone is looking to buy the home and it is 115 degrees outside, they will not enjoy the 100 degrees inside the home. 85 degrees feels […]

Lubricate all of your Doors, keyholes and hinges.

Often when performing home inspections in the Scottsdale area I find doors that bind, don’t lock or squeak.
This is likely one of the easiest things you can do that never gets done. It only takes a moment to make sure the key continues to work and doesn’t break off when you are in a hurry. Use a penetrating oil in a small can with a spout or a spray like WD-40 with a small hose to direct the spray.
Be sure to have a rag handy to wipe away any grime and any oil residue.

Window Tips from your home Inspector

Inspecting your windows will tell you a lot of things. Inspect for dirt and dead insects that are obstructing the bottom of the window or the weep holes, This is something that can usually be cleaned with an attachment on your vacuum fairly easily. You may find that the screens are blocking the weep holes, […]

Summertime Swimming Pool tips from your home inspector

Check your chlorine AND the PH level in the pool. Many times I see pools where the owner focused on just the chlorine and neglected the PH . this can result in serious damage.
As temperatures increase, most Arizona swimming pools will continue to use 2-3 times as much chemicals as in the winter months. If the pool is being used this will increase the amount of chemicals needed. When it comes to use and chemicals, one midsized dog in the pool is equivalent to 10 people.
Also remember the pools need more filter time this time of year than in the winter months.

Service the Air Conditioning system

If you are like most people, you do not change your air filter often enough, this allows dirt to get into the unit. Having a qualified air conditioning tech come out to your house and check out the unit before it gets too hot has several benefits; It helps the unit perform better, last longer, […]

Look for leaks in toilet water feed and tank bottom

Stop wasting water and catch leaks before water can cause major damage. If undetected, leaks can rot wood or damage ceilings if toilets are located above the first floor. Look for signs of water running in the toilet bowl when it is not in use, sometimes you can see it. Another method is to drop […]

Check and clean the clothes dryer vent

More than 13,000 fires a year start in laundry rooms in the United States, resulting in 10 deaths and $97 million in property damage. Nearly 4,000 of these fires arise from lint buildup that occurs when people fail to clean their dryer vents. The following safety information from Consumer Reports can help you prevent a disaster. […]

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