Removing Hard Water Deposits -Home Inspection Tip of the month


We have Hard Water and it likes to make a mess on our faucets and shower heads. Are you looking for tips on how to remove those hard water deposits? Here is a helpful video that should help you remove those deposits. If you try this and it doesn’t work you may want to try […]

Twas the Night Before Christmas Blogger Style

Home Inspector Merry Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas and all Through the House, Not a Creature Was Stirring, only Scott & His Mouse. The stockings were hung and Me firm in My Chair, In hopes that a blog post for my site will be there. The Children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of Key […]

Phx Home Inspector Recognized by his Peers

Scott Warga Teaching Home Inspectors

Phx. Home Inspector, Scott Warga has been recognized by his peers.  Scott Warga has been asked to teach two different classes at ASHI’s Inspection World in January of 2012, he’s spoken at 3 previous conferences as well. Scott Was also elected as an officer for The American Society Of Home Inspectors (ASHI) the nations oldest […]

Home Inspector Said the Water Heater is Popping


I get questions all the time from my home inspection clients and actually from real estate agents that work with a different home inspector. I recently was asked about a gas water heater that was making a strange popping sound from inside when it was on. My home inspector said the gas water heater in […]

What to Expect at your Inspections

Phoenis RE Guy and PHX Home Inspector

A friend of mine named Jay Thompson has one of the best Real Estate blogs out there. This information was something I thought my clients could use so I ask him if I could post it here. He agreed   by Jay Thompson In an odd quirk of timing, we’ve had two listings in […]

Scottdale Home Inspector and Golf Course Homes

Scottsdale Golf Course Home Inspector

Golf Course Homes Hidden Hazards says Scottsdale Home Inspector. As a Scottsdale home inspector I get to look at some lovely properties including golf course homes. The homes on the fairway always seem more open  since you can normally see through the fence instead of the masonry wall found in other areas. However when purchasing […]

Painting Counter tops, Good or Bad Idea

Painted Counter tops and Phoenix Home Inspector

Is painting counter tops a good idea? I perform home inspections in the Phoenix area and lately I have seen a lot of painted counter tops. Home buyers ask me if this can be done. I will provide you with the same opinion I give my clients. If you Google Painting counter tops you will […]

Arizona Mortgage Lawsuit Scam

As a Phoenix Home Inspector, I hear a lot of the Real Estate News. Arizona Real Estate Commissioner, Judy Lowe just issued this fraud alert. Please be sure to pass this on to your friends, business associates and neighbors.  This type of scam may try to collect upfront fees for foreclosure assistance or offer the […]

Attics and Phoenix Home Inspections

Phoenix Home Inspection uncovers defects in attic

Are Attics Required during Phoenix Home Inspections Phoenix Home inspectors are required to inspect attics, however not if it us unsafe to do so. It is Hot in the summer time and if it is 112 degrees in the shade the attic is likely somewhere around 145 degrees. Because of this, many inspectors choose to […]

Are Your Dollars Blowing away


Your Home Inspector Tip of the week Air Sealing As a home inspector in AZ, I see peoples money blowing out the door on a daily basis. People just do not maintain their homes like they used to. Here are some helpful tips fro your AZ Home Inspector to assist you with your home maintenance. […]

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