Flipped House, Not Fixed House, Phoenix Home Inspection

I see many flipped homes while performing home inspections in the Phoenix area. Most people are looking to buy a house and after seeing bank owned homes that need paint, carpet and everything else including the kitchen sink, they are shown a home that someone flipped. Flipped, that means they bought it, made it look […]

Cause & Effect, Home Improvments may cause damage

I recently went to a home and garden show and was surprised at how many products were being sold as a cure all. Claims of reducing energy costs, never paint again and more were heard over and over. I asked a few of the people at the show about the drawbacks of their products and […]

Why have a New Home Inspection in Phoenix?

Why inspect New/newer construction?
I’m frequently and told by others that the home is new so I don’t need to have an inspection or “The city already inspected it, so I don’t need another inspection.
Here are some facts you may not know.
Municipal inspections happen at different stages, before the foundation is placed, framing and plumbing as well as electrical are frequently done at the same time but it is not uncommon for the builder to make changes after these inspections. Then the inspector returns and sees the work completed if it hasn’t already been covered by drywall. Many times there are no utilities to the home when the building inspector gives their final OK, yet people assume that the home is fine

Virtual Home Inspection

There’s a link on the American Society of Home Inspectors website that gives a good idea of what is inspected during a home inspection. Here’s the link if you’d like to take a tour and see what to expect during an inspection.

Do I need to Flush out or drain my water heater?

Many of my home inspection customers ask about the need to flush out their water heater due to the hard water we have here in the Phoenix area.
So the question is “Should you drain and flush your water heater?”

My answer is maybe.

Gilbert Building Inspector Exceeds Expectations

This is not my typical post, however I feel if you are going to criticize people for not doing their job, you must also compliment those that meet or exceed your expectations. Today Erik and therefore the Town of Gilbert did just that

How Long is an AZ Builder responsible for defects?

Construction defects seem to be at an all time high. AZ home inspectors are finding more and more issues every day. The bank owned homes are frequently sold as is, so the question is, if the builder did it wrong, how long are they responsible for the defect? New homes have sold at an alarming […]

Window Leaks are Too Common

As an Arizona Home Inspector living in the valley of the sun one would think that window leaks are not a very common occurrence. unfortunately the opposite is true. I see more and more homes with leaks around the windows all the time. There are several different types of windows but since I live in […]

Lately Work Stinks (Literally)

Lately my job stinks. I am not talking about the economy (however that may that is part of it) I am not talking about my boss (I’m self employed) I am talking about odors. The kind of smells that make your nose hair curl. I am a contractor and Phoenix area Home inspector. I have […]

Basic Building Science for home owners

I am a Arizona Home Inspector and have determined that people need to get back to the basics. Over the years people have broken a home into the different components and/or systems, there is the plumbing system and the HVAC etc. It’s only natural, we tend to do it all the time. In medicine doctors […]

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