Buyers Safety Net – $100 off 2nd Home Inspection

Protection with your Home Inspection

Exclusive to ACSI is our FREE “Buyers Safety Net”.

Sometimes deals fall through, it could be that the home didn’t appraise, there were too many issues with the house, or a different reason. When this happens, there is no need to worry, If you hired ACSI do do the AZ Home Inspection.

If the house we inspected doesn’t close for any reason, we will take $100 off of the next home inspection if it is within 60 days of the first inspection.

That’s right, $100 off the second inspection if is is scheduled less than 60 days after the first one.

There is no cost for this protection, however we also offer a Inspection Protection Plan that cost $39 but the second inspection is free* (see site for details)

There are several other things we offer that other companies do not, To see what is offered with our AZ home inspections click here.

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