Bob Waite

Bob Waite was born and raised in Miami, Fla. As early as he can remember he has been interested in construction and how things are put together. This lead him to take draftingBob_20Waite1 classes in High School. After a short stint in the Army (two years, six months and five days), he went to work as a carpenters apprentice in Miami. He quickly noticed that while he worked outside, the guys in the “ties” worked inside and he decided to go back to school. He used the GI bill to put himself through a community college in Miami and then moved to Virginia to complete a BS degree in Architecture from “The University”.

Unfortunately, the GI bill did not pay all of the bills and Bob worked as a carpenter and as a draftsman to help put himself through school. Bob went to work for the Commonwealth of Virginia managing major construction projects for the University of Virginia and for James Madison University. In 1999 Bob decided to start his own inspection business (after the constant urging from his friend, Peter Drenan, finally sank in) and Bob left the state system. Bob often says this is the best move he’s ever made because as an Architect, he enjoys looking at the design details and as a carpenter, he enjoys looking at the construction details. “It’s not right that I should enjoy what I do so much!” Bob is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, the American Institute of Architects, the Piedmont Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors, and the Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors. He is also certified by the National Environmental Health Association as a Residential Measurement Provider for radon gas testing.

Bob’s main interest is his family. His other interests include skydiving (he has over 700 jumps although he is no longer jumping), flying (he has his private pilot’s license) and bicycle riding. Bob also is a High School and College certified volleyball official and helps out with Little League Baseball as an Umpire (he once called his son “Out” on strikes and boy, did he hear about it later, from Mom!).

Bob Waite
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