AZ Home Inspector Numbers Climbing

New AZ Home Inspectors Are Here.

The number of AZ home inspectors changes almost monthly. but usually by just a little.

AZ Home Inspector Registration

In Arizona Home Inspectors are regulated by the Board of Technical Registration (BTR). in 2003 when home inspectors were first required to be registered there were about 300 in the state.

A few years later that number was 1700. Yes there was a huge jump, real estate was selling and schools pere pumping out inspectors as fast as they could.

Then the market crashed. AZ inspectors couldn’t find work, couldn’t afford insurance or the state dues so they closed their doors. The number of inspectors at one point last year was about 575.

Now there are a number of people in AZ that have lost their jobs and decided to become home inspectors. There are also people that used to be home inspectors that have decided to get back in the business. at the moment there are about 700 certified home inspectors in Arizona.

Are All AZ Home Inspectors Certified?

Not all AZ home inspectors are currently registered with the state. It is sad but there are some inspectors out there that have simply decided to ignore the rules. The BTR recently fined one person $25,000 after busting him TWICE for inspecting with an expired registration. However you can verify an inspectors standing with the state very easily. Simply click the state logo on this page and type in the inspectors last name then click find.

This will tel you their status, as well as when they got certified with the state.

AZ Home Inspectors have to report to a standard

The BTR adopted the AZ ASHI Standards of Professional Practice for Home Inspectors. In addition there are several ethical requirements. Unfortunately many inspectors have decided to ignore these as well. The BTR reviews complaints on home inspection reports on a regular basis. There have been inspectors that have had sever complaints against them that refuse to change their ways.

AZ home inspectors are also prohibited from paying real estate offices to be on preferred vendor lists (preferred provider, team partners, and associated professionals are some other names used for these programs). However there are several inspectors that have again chosen to ignore the rules and pay to play. The BTR has recently busted some of these people as well.

There is no easy way to determine if your AZ home inspector has been disciplined by the BTR. The information is public but not in a searchable database. To access BTR disciplinary information click here

Remember experience counts.

When you need a Phoenix home inspection I would hope you would give us a try. If you are considering other AZ home inspectors, we have prepared a list of questions you should ask the inspector.






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