Are Your Dollars Blowing away

Your Home Inspector Tip of the week Air Sealing As a home inspector in AZ, I see peoples money blowing out the door on a daily basis. People just do not maintain their homes like they used to. Here are some helpful tips fro your AZ Home Inspector to assist you with your home maintenance. […]

Check for Termites Home Inspector tip of the week

Home Inspections and Termite Inspections are Different.   Home Inspectors in AZ are supposed to look for damage, Termites can cause real damage to a home and in this area. Because of the number of termite colonies per acre, the question is more of When will you have termites, not will you have them. Home Inspectors […]

Trip AFCI’s and GFI’s, Monthly Tip of the week

NEWS FLASH Devices with built in test buttons can and will fail. That is why they are designed to be tested. I am talking about two electrical devices Ground fault Circuit interrupters (GFCI) and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) When I am performing a home inspection I will test these devices to make sure they […]

Check Siding for Evidence of Decay, Cracking, or Insect Damage

Regular maintenance keeps your siding looking new and lasting longer against the elements and unwanted pests. No one want bugs in their home. Cracks and openings in the siding provide them easy access. As a home inspector & general contractor, I see cracks in walls on a daily basis while performing inspections, some are common, […]

Cut Back Vegetation and Overgrown Bushes Tip of the week

Overgrown bushes and vegetation don’t just create eyesores for you and your neighbors. By not trimming them back, you’re actually harming the plant/shrub’s growth. Bushes and trees that come in contact with the side of the home can cause damage and provide a way for insects to get to other areas of the home. Several […]

Look for leaks in toilet water feed and tank bottom

Stop wasting water and catch leaks before water can cause major damage. If undetected, leaks can rot wood or damage ceilings if toilets are located above the first floor. Look for signs of water running in the toilet bowl when it is not in use, sometimes you can see it. Another method is to drop […]

Check and clean the clothes dryer vent

More than 13,000 fires a year start in laundry rooms in the United States, resulting in 10 deaths and $97 million in property damage. Nearly 4,000 of these fires arise from lint buildup that occurs when people fail to clean their dryer vents. The following safety information from Consumer Reports can help you prevent a disaster. […]

Replace your HVAC system’s filter.

When was the last time you changed the air filter in your HVAC system? If you can’t remember, it’s probably overdue. A comparison of two filters Filters in this area should be changed or cleaned on a monthly basis. Air filters remove dust and dirt particles from the air and prevent them from clogging the […]

Check the grading and drainage around your home.

One of the things that should be inspected during a Phoenix Home inspection, is the grading and drainage. When I perform a Phoenix Home Inspection, I Look at where the water comes from, where does it drain off of the roof to. Where does the water go after it hits the ground. Are there areas […]

Prescription Without Diagnosis is Malpractice

You see it all the time, Name any symptom and someone will tell you how to fix it. I see it in our healthcare system and I am sure you do to. Take this drug to address this symptom. Then the add is followed by a list of side effects. I was wondering , Are […]

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