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What to Expect at your Inspections

A friend of mine named Jay Thompson has one of the best Real Estate blogs out there. This information was something I thought my clients could use so I ask him if I could post it here. He agreed   by Jay Thompson In an odd quirk of timing, we’ve had two listings in […]

Home Inspection Does not Include Underground Sewer Lines

Scoping the sewer line is not part of a standard Home Inspection I frequently suggest to my home inspection customers that they may wish to have the sewer line scoped to check for damage or debris in the line. Some will ask me “Isn’t the sewer part of the home inspection?” The answer is yes […]

Canadian Home Buyers in Arizona Need Home Inspections

Home Inspections Needed for Canadians. As the US dollar continues to drop in comparison to the Canadian currency, many Canadians are choosing to buy homes in Arizona and with that they need home inspections. Unfortunately, it is not easy for Canadians to know who to hire as their AZ Home Inspector as they do not […]

Christmas is a Great Time for Crooks

Tis the Season to be Taken You may not be thinking about criminals this Christmas season, but they’re thinking about you. The holidays present big opportunities for car prowlers, purse snatchers and other people that feel they deserve your belongings more than you do. The most important thing while shopping is for people to pay […]

Today I Observed Community in Action

Tis the season to decorate the house, or is it the hood? Every year I start decorating the house for Christmas the weekend after thanksgiving. Many of my neighbors do the same. This year I was reflecting on what a great neighborhood we live in. The kids across the street were helping their dad with […]

Contagious Generosity 2011

See the update at the bottom There have been several times in our lives when we got knocked down and someone has given us a hand back up. We are trying to do the same and you can help. Let me introduce you to Clara Johnson and her 2 teenage daughters. Clara has been divorced […]

Home Inspection Includes the Pool Inspection

That’s right, Our AZ home inspections includes an inspection of the pool or spa. We frequently find issues with the pool and normally recommend you have a pool contractor come out and do further evaluation and repair anyway and it only takes a few extra minutes to inspect  the pool, so we just do it. […]

How Safe is the Deck on Your Phoenix Home

Is the Deck on your Phoenix Home Safe I recently inspected a deck on a property during a Phoenix Home Inspection. I found several issues with it. The deck itself was attached to the home with nails, the joist hangers were not secured properly, there was no flashing to prevent moisture from going between the […]

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