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Arizona Mortgage Lawsuit Scam

As a Phoenix Home Inspector, I hear a lot of the Real Estate News. Arizona Real Estate Commissioner, Judy Lowe just issued this fraud alert. Please be sure to pass this on to your friends, business associates and neighbors.  This type of scam may try to collect upfront fees for foreclosure assistance or offer the […]

Attics and Phoenix Home Inspections

Are Attics Required during Phoenix Home Inspections Phoenix Home inspectors are required to inspect attics, however not if it us unsafe to do so. It is Hot in the summer time and if it is 112 degrees in the shade the attic is likely somewhere around 145 degrees. Because of this, many inspectors choose to […]

Flipped House, Not Fixed House, Phoenix Home Inspection

I see many flipped homes while performing home inspections in the Phoenix area. Most people are looking to buy a house and after seeing bank owned homes that need paint, carpet and everything else including the kitchen sink, they are shown a home that someone flipped. Flipped, that means they bought it, made it look […]

Do Your Doors Bind? Tip of the week

Frequently when performing a Home Inspection, I find doors that bind or are out of square. Check your interior doors including closets and see if they bind. Is the opening around the door the same size all the way around? Look at the opening between the door itself and the frame at the top and […]

Are Your Dollars Blowing away

Your Home Inspector Tip of the week Air Sealing As a home inspector in AZ, I see peoples money blowing out the door on a daily basis. People just do not maintain their homes like they used to. Here are some helpful tips fro your AZ Home Inspector to assist you with your home maintenance. […]

Tile Roofs & Mesa Home Inspections

Home Inspectors and Tile Roofs Lots of Home inspectors don’t walk tile roofs and I understand why, however if you can do it safely you can perform a much better inspection. I shot this video on a hot day while performing a home inspection in Scottsdale AZ. I was holding the flip video and trying […]

Check for Termites Home Inspector tip of the week

Home Inspections and Termite Inspections are Different.   Home Inspectors in AZ are supposed to look for damage, Termites can cause real damage to a home and in this area. Because of the number of termite colonies per acre, the question is more of When will you have termites, not will you have them. Home Inspectors […]

Trip AFCI’s and GFI’s, Monthly Tip of the week

NEWS FLASH Devices with built in test buttons can and will fail. That is why they are designed to be tested. I am talking about two electrical devices Ground fault Circuit interrupters (GFCI) and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) When I am performing a home inspection I will test these devices to make sure they […]

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