Archives for July 2011

Check Siding for Evidence of Decay, Cracking, or Insect Damage

Regular maintenance keeps your siding looking new and lasting longer against the elements and unwanted pests. No one want bugs in their home. Cracks and openings in the siding provide them easy access. As a home inspector & general contractor, I see cracks in walls on a daily basis while performing inspections, some are common, […]

Cut Back Vegetation and Overgrown Bushes Tip of the week

Overgrown bushes and vegetation don’t just create eyesores for you and your neighbors. By not trimming them back, you’re actually harming the plant/shrub’s growth. Bushes and trees that come in contact with the side of the home can cause damage and provide a way for insects to get to other areas of the home. Several […]

Check your Irrigation System, Home Inspection Tip of the week

When I perform home inspections in Gilbert AZ, I take a moment to look at the sprinkler valves, sometimes I can not locate them because they are buried and the box they are in is covered with vegetation. Take a moment and Check your irrigation system for leaky valves, exposed lines, and improperly-working sprinkler heads. […]

Vacant Home Thermostat Settings?

When performing home inspections in Phoenix I frequently look at vacant homes where the AC unit is off. This is not a great idea, let me explain why. If someone is looking to buy the home and it is 115 degrees outside, they will not enjoy the 100 degrees inside the home. 85 degrees feels […]

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