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Tool definitions (Humor)

Every now and then I like to post something funny on my blog, so here is the latest: Yes, we all know what tools are intended for, we also know we should use the right tool for the job. This is a list of how tools actually get used, Enjoy Drill Press A tall upright […]

Cause & Effect, Home Improvments may cause damage

I recently went to a home and garden show and was surprised at how many products were being sold as a cure all. Claims of reducing energy costs, never paint again and more were heard over and over. I asked a few of the people at the show about the drawbacks of their products and […]

Lowering the Home Inspection Bar

10 years ago, I competent real estate agent would not refer a home inspector unless they were a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or NAHI (The National Association of Home Inspectors)
Then it happened, states began regulating home inspectors and other associations popped up that allowed inspectors to take an online test and be able to use a logo. No experience required, simply send in your dues.

Suddenly agents decided that getting someone that is state certified was enough.
But is it?

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