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Why does my water smell? By Phoenix home Inspector

Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

The answer is simple, there is hydrogen sulfide and/or sulfur bacteria in the water.
Where is it coming from?
It could be in the water heater, the water softener, the system itself or from a well.
Hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) can occur in wells anywhere, and gives the water a characteristic “rotten egg” taste or odor.

Be Wary of Gentlemens Agreements in Construction

“He’s an honest guy.”

“I’ve always done business this way.”

“I trust her.”

All those statements may be true. Relying on handshake agreements (or, the more old-fashioned “gentlemen’s agreements”) is a risky business in the construction field. Written contracts are crucial to enforcing binding agreements once the dirt begins to turn. However, a contract is more than a written recital of previously-agreed upon terms. A contract has the ability to change the terms between the parties, often without one of the parties realizing it. And, as Chris has previously noted, the [written] Contract is King.

Foam Roof Inspection by Phoenix Home Inspector

When performing a home inspection the inspector must also look at the roof.
Here are some of the things an inspector must consider while evaluating a foam roof.

I like Foam roofs, They provide additional insulation, reflect heat and are a great moisture barrier, however, all roof need maintenance. As a Home Inspector I must look at all the issues, identify them and advise the client how to address them.

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