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Just Bought a Home-Did You Plan For Expenses?

Home ownership, part of the American Dream, but if you don’t plan right your home could keep you up at night. Did you get a professional Home Inspection? Great, now get out the report and read it. A professional home inspector will note the condition of many components of the home. They may tell you […]

Spring Cleaning tips from your Home Inspector

The weather is beautiful and the weeds, insects and allergies are all going to try and keep you from enjoying it. don’t let them. Here are some simple tips you can use to help keep your home happy. Check your exterior paint. Now is the time to fix it before it gets too hot. Caulk […]

How Long is a Home Inspection?

I recently say another blog where someone commented that a home inspection should take about an hour and a half, I almost had iced tea come out my nose when I read that. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, and you want someone to check it […]

Window Leaks are Too Common

As an Arizona Home Inspector living in the valley of the sun one would think that window leaks are not a very common occurrence. unfortunately the opposite is true. I see more and more homes with leaks around the windows all the time. There are several different types of windows but since I live in […]

Lately Work Stinks (Literally)

Lately my job stinks. I am not talking about the economy (however that may that is part of it) I am not talking about my boss (I’m self employed) I am talking about odors. The kind of smells that make your nose hair curl. I am a contractor and Phoenix area Home inspector. I have […]

AZ Home Inspector Makes a Google Search Video

It is so easy a home inspector can do it. Here is my dream. One day people will search for home inspectors on the internet, when they do I will be the first one they see. They will call me and I will book lots of inspections. Money flows in and I hire others so […]

Wood Roof gone Bad from your Phoenix Home Inspector

Have a home inspection because roofs don’t last forever

Basic Building Science for home owners

I am a Arizona Home Inspector and have determined that people need to get back to the basics. Over the years people have broken a home into the different components and/or systems, there is the plumbing system and the HVAC etc. It’s only natural, we tend to do it all the time. In medicine doctors […]

Repeat Buyers and 1st time buyers tax credit ending soon

This up-to-$8,000 tax incentive for purchasers expires this month but make sure you are are clear: Closing need not take place until June as long as contracts are signed by April 30.  Note that the lesser-known repeat buyer’s credit of up to $6,500 got the same extension.  You can get particulars at; this site […]

Feds Tell Homeowners To Rip Out Chinese Drywall by The Associated Press

April 2, 2010 Thousands of U.S. homes tainted by Chinese drywall should be gutted, according to new guidelines released Friday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The guidelines say electrical wiring, outlets, circuit breakers, fire alarm systems, carbon monoxide alarms, fire sprinklers, gas pipes and drywall need to be removed. “We want families to tear […]

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