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MS Round Up Ride (MS 150)

150 miles of grueling bicycle riding in the wind but for a great cause. There are many people to thank and I will get to that but I thought most people would want to hear about the details. I signed up with a team called the Queen Creek Rollers for this event. What a great […]

Helping Others

I have made a commitment to ride a bicycle 150 miles to raise money for MS. Click here to view my personal page on the MS site Yes that is correct, This fat bald guy is going to straddle a seat slightly larger than a pear and peddle for 150 miles. Originally this was just […]

What do you do for others?

I had an interesting inspection the other day. My client (the home buyer) was impressed by the time I took to make sure he understood the issues with the home he was purchasing. He said, “People just don’t seem to take the time to help others any more”. I told him I have seen a […]

Simple steps to save energy from your Home Inspector

These days money is tighter than the tube against a tire (and some of us are running tubeless) any steps you can take to save energy will also save you money. Here are a few tips from your Arizona Home Inspector. Turn fans of when your not in a room. Fans don’t change the temperature […]

Now is the time to hire a Home Inspector

Most people only think of getting a home inspection when they purchase a home. Locally someone may hire an Arizona Home Inspector to check out their home before it is one or two years old. I want you to understand that Home Inspectors don’t just work for buyers or new home owners. This is going […]

AZ Requires Work Performed on Homes for Sale to be by Contractors

In today’s market there are lots of bank owned homes on the market. Several people have decided to purchase some of these homes and fix them then flip them. Most of these people  are not licensed contractors and are just people with little to no experience or they hire people with little to no experience […]


Lately I have been getting lots of calls about moisture issues. Everybody seems to have different issues and they all want to know how to handle them. The funny thing is most of the people are more worried about repairing the damage than actually fixing the problem. Lets face it there are several ways moisture enters your home. Every plumbing fixture is a potential leak. Other potential sources are the roof, condensation, vapor, cooking, breathing, showering, leaks at walls or windows, water heater leaks, and the list goes on and on.

Can I trust My Real Estate Agents Home Inspector?

You made an offer on a home and it has been accepted, Your real estate agent is recommending you have a professional home inspection. They even recommended 3 different Arizona inspectors they you could hire, but can you trust your agents recommendation? In every industry there are good and bad people, I am sure you […]

How to Buy a Bank owned home (humor)

How to buy a bank owned home. If your in the real estate industry, you will enjoy this spoof on REO’s Don’ forget if you are buying a home to have a professional home inspection by a professional home inspector. If you need an Arizona home inspection please contact us.

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