Archives for January 2010

Information for AZ Home Buyers

Normally, general home inspections are performed during the process of buying a property or real estate in the Phoenix Arizona market. There are certain cases, however, wherein items or parts of the house are required to be checked by a particular specialist. The difference between a general inspector and a specialized inspector is that the […]

The hard truth about infrared (Real Estate Agents Read This)

I recently had a real estate agent ask me if infrared was a good thing and should she recommend it to her clients, my answer was a definite maybe, here is why.

Every few years a new trend comes along that affects the home industry. These trends include mold, lead, radon, asbestos, moisture meters, microwave leak detectors and now infrared or thermal imaging. These trends come with the homeowners protection in mind, however there are always people there trying to make a quick profit from the latest trend.

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